Thursday, December 8, 2022

American comedian Pete Davidson gave heartfelt goodbye to his longtime SNL

Colin Jost’s farewell performance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) has accompanied by Pete Davidson. They were reminiscing about his time together. In 2014, Davidson became the show’s youngest cast member ever at only 20 and now he has left it.

Davidson talked about his one-sided internet feud with Kanye West. He said, “Hello, Colin and Che and millions of people simply watching to see if I bring up Kanye. His final appearance on the show was the first time he had in person in a while.

In agreement with Pete’s assessment, Jost said, “Yeah, you had a strange year.” Whereas, Davidson said “Yes, that’s correct. I had no idea that this will my lot in life. When I first arrived, I was a completely different person.”

He further stated, “Like today, everyone knows I’m white since I got very successful while hardly showing up to work”. The comedian recalled the time he contacted Michaels to tell him of his engagement to pop star Ariana Grande. She and I have been dating for two weeks now, and I recently got engaged.

Pete Davidson appreciate SNL and Lorne for never giving up on him and believing in him. They enable him to have a place that, like, he could call home with memories that will last a lifetime So, thank you guys.

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