Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Pakistan upgraded its global climate risk index ranking for 2021

Thanks to the federal government’s current green policies, Pakistan has fallen from 5th place in the Long-Term Global Climate Risk Index (GCRI) to 8th place in 2021.

Germanwatch‘s recently published report entitled “Global Climate Risk Index 2021” predicts that Pakistan will be the eighth country most vulnerable to the long-term effects of global climate change.

The GCRI report found that Pakistan reported 502 deaths and $ 3.772 billion in losses from 173 extreme weather events between 2000 and 2019.

Since 2005, Germanwatch “Has published the Global Climate Risk Index (GCRI), an analysis based on one of the most reliable data sets available on the effects of extreme weather events and related socio-economic data.

GCRI shows levels of exposure and vulnerability to extreme events such as hurricanes, floods and heat waves, serving as a warning for countries to prepare for more frequent severe weather events in the future.

The report found that more than 475,000 people have died worldwide since 2000, suffering $ 2.56 trillion in losses from 11,000 extreme weather events.

Like last year, Puerto Rico, Myanmar, Haiti and the Philippines retain four long-term places in the long-term 2021 GCRI.

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