Friday, December 2, 2022

Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar stole Abrar ul Haq’s song ‘Nach Punjaban’

It is common knowledge that Bollywood will take storylines, scripts, and music without ever paying credit to the original creators. The most recent victim is the legendary song ‘Nach Punjaban‘ by Abrar ul Haq, which stole by Karan Johar for use in his film Jug Jug Jeeyo.

Plagiarism is rampant across the whole business. For many works of creative expression, individuals don’t find out that they have stolen until many years after the fact. Pakistani music has frequently appropriated by Bollywood.

It should also note that Pakistani artists have banned, their work has not in any way restricted. Moreover, the fresh wave of Pakistani music theft has begun with Bol Kaffara and continuing with Boohey Bariyan.

Abrar ul Haq has said unequivocally that his song has stole and used without his permissions by Karan Johar. Moreover, he does not intend to sell the copyrights. People are outraged about this obvious case of plagiarism and are rallying in support of the music that came before.

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