Friday, December 2, 2022

Actress Hania Aamir revealed plans about her engagement

Hania Aamir made an appearance on the ‘Woh Wala Show’ with Qasim Sheikh and revealed plans about her engagement. During the episode, she discussed her intentions about an engagement and marriage.

The actress has also questioned by the presenter how a person who loves her may get in touch with her. In response, Hania said, “I am very direct. I am an open person and once I will be in love, my admirers will surely come to know.

Moreover, she also talked about the reasons why she does not intend to get married or become engaged. When asked about it, she had the response that I don’t know, I suppose I am not finding somebody right now.

It should note that she is a stunning, incredibly hard-working, and exceptionally skilled Pakistani actress. She works in both cinema and television. The fact that Hania Aamir has promised to keep her followers updated on any significant engagement plans to her life.

The actress has held in high esteem by the multitudes of people who are among her legion of devoted followers. Her devoted following yearns to watch her perform on film. Her recent plays were huge successes demonstrates that she is one of the most admired and watched actresses in Pakistan.

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