Monday, November 28, 2022

No-trust motion against PA Speaker Pervaiz Elahi rejected

A member of the panel of the chair has concluded a motion of no-trust against the Speaker of the Punjab Assembly, Pervaiz Elahi, despite the fact that the person who originally proposed the vote of no confidence was not present for the vote.

The proceedings of the provincial parliament were kicked off by the panel of chairs, who then called out the person who had initiated the motion of no confidence. The mover of the motion of no-trust against Speaker Pervaiz Elahi did not show up, despite the fact that they were called multiple times. As a result, the motion was thrown out.

The members of the PML-N entered the House of Representatives as soon as the motion was dealt with. Despite this, the head of the panel decided to postpone the proceedings until June 6th.

The Punjab Assembly building was taken over by the police earlier in the day, and personnel has been stationed at each of the building’s entrances in preparation for the session that will take place on Sunday.

A session of the Punjab Assembly has been unexpectedly called by Speaker Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi to convene at twelve o’clock in the afternoon, which is one day earlier than the date that had been previously set for the session. The gathering of the assembly had been planned to take place on 30th May .

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The date of the PA session has been moved about three times since the speaker first provided the date of May 16 when the assembly was supposed to gather in the first week of May. The most recent date adjustment occurred just a few days ago. The meeting was supposed to take place on the day that was provided, but it was postponed until the 30th of May instead.

The members of the Punjab Assembly have been instructed by the Speaker, Pervaiz Elahi, to make their way to the Secretariat. He instructed the members of the assembly to report to the Punjab Assembly at precisely twelve in the afternoon.

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