Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Viral young couple Nimra and Asad are expecting their first child

Viral young Nimra and Asad have just informed their followers of the excellent news about expecting their first child. Their announcement via Vlog that they are expecting a baby has eagerly awaited by everyone. Many friends and admirers was asking about good news. So, they are finally revealing it at the time they have selected.

According to Asad in his vlog, he and Nimra are expecting their first child. Doctors previously told them that there was little hope of good news for a few months. They just went for tests, and the next day they suspected the good news as the test came positive. So, they have excited and now they are here to confirm the news.

Once Nimra visited her doctor to confirm the news, Asad has informed that he will soon become a father.

In the year 2020, the wedding of two young Pakistanis Nimra and Asad became popular on social media. After only a few months of dating, the young couple decided to get married. They have the backing of their parents and siblings in making this decision.

Pakistanis applauded their choice as well and many young people made decisions about early marriage. After their wedding, we also observed an uncontrollable wave of weddings in showbiz.

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