Monday, November 28, 2022

Queen Elizabeth banned her Royals from playing popular vicious game

A popular vicious game has supposedly banned for playing by the Queen Elizabeth‘s household. It has done due to the family’s apparent inability to keep their cool in the midst of the strain. It is forbidden for The Firm to play Monopoly because the Monarch thinks the game “gets too savage.”

Prince Andrew visited Leeds Building Society’s freshly restored Albion Street offices and disclosed the family’s secret. After invitation to play the popular game, he respectfully refused the invitation. His final words before departing, “We have not permitted to play monopoly at home”.

According to reports, Prince Andrew said, “It gets too vicious and Queen banned this type of game.” Even the all Royals family has certain peculiar rules to obey. There are no bedtimes for members of the family until their mother is asleep.

The former Queen’s private secretary claims that Princess Diana struggled with this restriction. He wrote, “For Diana, the long royal evenings were torment. Everyone will spend an hour or so in the living room talking to one other.”

She will always see ahead of the rest of the royal family because she is the head of the household. Regardless of their position, all members of the royal family have expected to show respect by bowing before Queen.

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