Thursday, December 8, 2022

More than 170 obsessive stalkers become threat for Royal Family

The British Royal Family has said to have a number of obsessive stalkers who have developed into a threat. These are looking harmful to their personal safety and the safety of their household.

The British Metropolitan Police have issued a warning that although some of them are in fact harmless. However, others stalkers present a immediate threat to Queen Elizabeth and the other members of the Royal Family.

This warning has delivered by Dai Davies, who once served as the chief of royal protection. In the nineties, he held the position of Operational Unit Commander. It put him in responsibility of providing safety and protection for all members of the Firm.

He stated, “The overwhelming majority of people preoccupied with the royals are harmless. However, there are always fears that their preoccupation may take a frightening turn.”

Even as recently as 2006, the United Kingdom’s Fixed Threat Assessment Centre disclosed that it receives roughly 1,000 referrals per year. These are that persons who have engaged in threatening or harassing messages targeting politicians or the royal family.

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