Friday, December 2, 2022

Netizens made humorous comments on dress of American actress Amber Heard

The dress worn by the American actress Amber Heard captured the attention of many people on social media. The actress arrived in court for a defamation action brought by her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp. Whereas, she wore a long coat.

Photographs of Amber Heard appeared in the media following the conclusion of the hearing for this case. Many social media users were unable to overlook the fact that Amber Heard was wearing a long coat of dress.

On the social networking site Twitter, a comedian posted a picture of Amber Heard. He also wrote the caption, “Now Amber has also wore the long court like politicians.”

The tweet sent by him has gone popular on social media. Many users are leaving comments that are both extremely intriguing and quite amusing on the photographs.

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