Tuesday, November 29, 2022

I feel proud on accepting Islam and became a Muslim, says Indian actress

Prominent Indian actress Dipika Kakkar converted to Islam and became muslim in 2018. She has stated in recent interview that she takes great joy in her new faith.

Indian actress said, “it is true that I have became muslim. However, I don’t think there is any need to tell the media when and why I did so. I have also changed my name from Dipika Kakkar to Faiza after converting to Islam.

Furthermore, “I take great pride in my religion of Islam. My decision to practise Islam was completely independent from that of anyone else. It was a choice that I came to on my own, which is something that makes me extremely pleased.”

The actress stated that my family was supportive of my decision and that I had no intention of causing anybody harm. However, there is a certain section of my life that is extremely private and I will not allow any intrusion in that area.

It should note that Dipika Kakkar converted to Islam before married to Shoaib Ibrahim. Her husband was her co-star in the Indian drama serial Susral Samar K. The actress, once known by her birth name of Dipika eventually converted to Islam and changed her name to Faiza.

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