Friday, December 9, 2022

Drones ban in Karachi due to terrorism threat

As a result of a newly identified risk associated with terrorist activity, the Sindh Home Department has decided to ban the use of drones in the District South of Karachi.

The Sindh Home Department has issued a notification on the ban on the use of drones and flying cameras drones throughout the South District of Karachi for a period of two months.

Following the disclosure of the potential terrorist threat to the provincial authorities by the deputy inspector general (DIG) of the South through the inspector general (IG) of Sindh, the decision was made. The police officer expressed concern in his letter about the possibility of a terrorist assault on government buildings as well as other sensitive locations.

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It was reported there was a possibility of the terrorist using a drone to target a sensitive location. The station house officer (SHO) of District South has the authority to take the necessary actions to ensure that Section 144’s restrictions are adhered to.

On May 19, the Sindh police prevented an illegal shipment of explosive material from Punjab to Karachi. The shipment was intended for Karachi. The police were able to collect a significant quantity of illegal explosives from a container that had been transported from the state of Punjab to the city of Karachi.

According to the police, the explosive material might have been used for terrorist actions in Karachi.

The police also asserted that explosive material that was intended to be used legitimately by construction businesses is frequently sold illegally and used in operations associated with terrorist organisations. The suspects were taken into custody, and the police immediately began questioning them.

A Karachi police officer was extremely fortunate on the same day, as an attempt was made on his life in the Bhimpura neighbourhood of the city during the daytime hours. After the officer had come under fire from the shooter, the officer was struck in the shoulders by a bullet. The incident with the firing caused terror to spread throughout the neighbourhood.

The valiant police officer with the damaged shoulder had made an attempt to apprehend the attacker, but he was unsuccessful. The officer was taken for treatment at a hospital not far away after being injured.

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