Thursday, December 8, 2022

Video of Hania Aamir ignored Iqra Aziz went viral on internet

A video that shows the actress Hania Aamir ignored fellow actress Iqra Aziz has recently gone viral on social media. Their fans are discussing the bond that exists between the two actresses.

The video of Hania Aamir and Iqra Aziz attending an event has gone viral on numerous social media platforms. Whereas, we can clearly see that Hania is ignoring Iqra. The video features both actresses Haniya Aamir and Iqra Aziz.

It can see in the video that actress Iqra Aziz was taking part in the event. She walked over to her fellow actress Haniya Amir, who is standing nearby and gives her an embrace. However, Hania Aamir remain still for a bit, then she ignored Iqra and begin to make her way away.

Users on social media have conflicting opinions on the video that has gone viral. Some believe that Haniya did it accidently since they were focusing all of their attention on the person in front of them. But others believe that Haniya did it purposely. Many people believe that Haniya’s attitude is inappropriate because of the fact that she does this deliberately.

It should note that both actresses are very talented and have worked in many numerous projects.

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