Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Shaniera Akram talked about her conversion to islam before marriage

Australian lady Shaniera Akram is spouse of veteran Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram. The title of “National Bhabi” of Pakistan has given to her. Shaniera Akram recently appeared in an interview, where she talked about her conversion to Islam before marriage.

The new chapter in Shaneira Akram’s life required a significant amount of adjustment on her part. It was necessary for her to relocate to a totally different nation. She had to become used to a very new environment and culture. However, people in Pakistan also loved and respected her and admired her efforts to contribute to the nation’s overall development.

Moreover, Shaniera Akram need her conversion to Islam before marriage to Wasim Akram. She revealed some fascinating information when she has questioned about the dramatic shift. She stated that she did not truly convert to Islam but rather accepted the faith on her own own because she did not practise any other religion prior to adopting Islam.

Since she became a Muslim, Shaneira has been able to increase the amount of knowledge she has on the subject. Her life is a journey and she believes that the religion has found her along the way. She mentioned that she goes through periods in which she takes in new information on a daily basis and commits it to memory.

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