Monday, November 28, 2022

Prince William and Kate Middleton bend royal protocol during meeting with well wishers

Prince William and Kate Middleton recently bend the royal protocol during a trip to Scotland. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have greeted by a crowd of well-wishers. They met people who had supported by the Wheatley Group, a housing, care and property management company.

With so many people in attendance, both spent a little period of time chatting with everyone they could. And it looks that Prince William and Kate broke one of the royal protocol rule while out on their unplanned walkabout.

According to reports, while out and about, the royals have warned not to take or pose for selfies. When they were in Glasgow last week, the two of them taking a photo with a group of female fans. They had gathered to see them and capture the occasion on camera.

Moreover, William appeared to break another another royal guideline. William has overtaken with emotion when he met the future King and has embraced by him. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge greeted each other with a simple handshake and no bows or curtsies.

In March, some saw William and Kate’s Caribbean excursion as a PR catastrophe and they have shocked by the criticism.

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