Friday, December 2, 2022

Famous model Dolly set fire on Margalla Hills to make her TikTok video

Dolly is a well-known Tiktoker as well as a beautician, dancer, model and influencer on several social media platforms. She has a big audience on Tiktok, as well as on YouTube and Instagram. Dolly recently made her new TikTok video in which she set fire on Margalla Hills.

Recently, the Tiktoker has sparked a significant criticism when the footage of her Tiktok in the Margalla hills went viral. According to reports, Dolly set fire to the Margalla Hills in order to perform her latest Tiktok. She was portraying the fire in the backdrop as the song was playing. It has connected to the lyrics of the song, which also refer to ‘setting things on fire’.

Dolly was the target of criticism from Hamid Mir and Mishi Khan. They both called the Tiktoker’s mentality into question. Hamid Mir stated that she should arrested for her actions. In subsequent events, a First Information Report (FIR) has filed against her.

In addition to that, the general public condemned her and claimed that this is what happens when you put technology in the hands of those who are uneducated and ignorant. They all agreed that she should punished because it was a revolting conduct that she committed. The public voiced their opinion that she ought to be embarrassed by it.

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