Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Azeem Choudhry drops music video for ‘Gucci X Fendi’

The music video for Pakistani rapper Azeem Choudhry’s latest single, “Gucci X Fendi,” has been released to YouTube channel and has become one of the most popular videos in Pakistan on YouTube.

Azeem Choudhry, who is young, charming, and incredibly artistic in his approach to music, has a history of bestowing the world with a large number of soundtracks that are captivating and pleasurable to listen to.

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Despite this, the Azeem Choudhry always has something new and exciting up their sleeve for each show they do.

As a direct consequence of this, is continually successful in gaining the audience’s approval all over again. Because of this, the soundtracks that Azeem Choudhry composes are typically extremely anticipated, not just in Pakistan but also in other countries.

Azeem Choudhry made the news that his new song, titled “Gucci X Fendi,” had been released on social media, and he asked his followers to respond with their thoughts on the new tune.

The new single was released under the name “Gucci X Fendi.” “For all of you who have been waiting for the release of my new song and creating anticipation for it, here it is: Gucci X Fendi. The musician asked their followers to “Celebrate the song and provide your views about it down below” in a post that was shared on social media.

Azeem Choudhry has put the hashtag #GucciXFendi in the title of his post, and he has encouraged his fans to create any kind of video based on the song that they can upload to TikTok so that it will become viral on all social media.

Watch Complete Music Video here:

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