Friday, December 9, 2022

Jennifer Lopez wants a ‘healthier work-life balance’ before tying the knot with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez hopes to bring about some positive changes and healthier work-life balance in her life. She will tie the knot with her long term boyfriend and fiance Ben Affleck.

In answer to queries posed by readers in her On the JLo newsletter, the singer shared her thoughts. She said, “It is incredibly essential for me, especially now, to prioritise my personal life and not only my business life. I had children 14 years ago and that is when I started thinking differently.”

Jennifer Lopez further said, “My attitude has progressively moved toward healthier work-life balance approach to juggling work and personal life. Things have changed for me. Now that I’m getting married, everything revolves around my family.”

She continued by saying, “It’s about having enough time to be the woman, mother, spouse. Also be a person that I need to be for the key people in my life. If it is going to take time away from my family, then it must be a really important endeavour.”

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