Friday, December 2, 2022

Ira Khan responds angrily to her critics with another round of swimwear photos

With the help of her family, Aamir Khan’s daughter celebrated her 25th birthday earlier this month. Ira Khan posted photos of herself in swimwear on Instagram with her family and friends. Social media users were quick to share and troll the images.

As soon as Ira Khan out in her swimwear photos with her father, people started to mock her. A popular Indian singer came to Ira’s defence throughout the criticism. The superstar’s daughter has a message for the trolls.

Ira Khan continued to document her birthday celebrations on social media. She is posting more photos to her Instagram account. Once the haters had their fill of her prior images, she informed the trolls she will provide them with fresh material.

It was evident in the photos that Ira and her friends and boyfriend Nupur Shikhare were spending time together. One of the images included a glimpse of Fatima Sana Shaikh.

Sona Mohapatra criticised the trolls after Ira became the topic of trolling. She tweeted, “All the folks outraged over Ira Khan’s choice of outfit or tying it to anything Aamir Khan said, did, or didn’t in the past take notice, she is 25. A self-confident, mature lady. She’s making her own decisions. Has no need for your or her father’s approval. Turn off the noise.”

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