Friday, December 9, 2022

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly stunned everyone with their appearance at BBMAs 2022

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly shocked the audience with their fashionable appearance at Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) 2022. At the occasion, the pair wore identical costumes and looked great.

It was during his performance at the awards event when he said, “I composed this song for my wife”. Lyrics was, “You’re too good for me/I’m too bad to keep/I’m too sad, lonely/I want you only”. Machine Gun Kelly’s comment regarding their child startled everyone. His use of the word “wife” for Megan Fox at BBMAs appearance had fans wondering whether the couple had actually tied the knot.

This is for their unborn kid, he remarked, referring to their future parenting. There was no mention of a baby in the song’s lyrics. Many people interpreted it as a pregnancy announcement from the couple. The 880-diamond nail set that MGK wore at the Billboard Music Awards reportedly cost USD 30,000.

Fox recently declared that she is in awe of Kelly’s achievements. She remarked, “he wrote the entire film in three days, which is astounding.”. You could see his flashes of inspiration, as if he were downloading ideas from the cosmos and churning them out lightning fast.”

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