Friday, December 2, 2022

Queen Elizabeth got huge cheer and applause at Royal Windsor Horse Show

Queen Elizabeth has greeted with cheers and clapping at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. With a walking stick in hand, Her Majesty made her way to her seat. She watched a parade of horses with her son Prince Edward and his wife.

The queen has dressed casually with a headscarf. She has driven immediately into the stadium before stepping out of her car. A lift has then taken to the seating area, where she spotted slowly making her way to her seat with her walking help.

Soon later, she was beaming with pride as she received a trophy for her first-place finish in the show. As part of the Fell Pony Society’s centennial celebration, Lady Louise Windsor, her granddaughter, rode in a show.

Her attendance at the Royal Windsor Horse Show comes just a few days after she had to cancel her appearance at the State Opening of Parliament because of her health. She has photographed happy when she arrived at the event in the passenger seat of her Range Rover.

Her Majesty weared a white blouse and a blue cardigan-style top and sunglasses. She chatted to a small group of officials from the performance via the open vehicle window. She seemed at ease, joking and smiling as she spoke to the throng of photographers gathered around.

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