Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Shahbaz Gill car accident: Police arrest man who hit

The man who hit Shahbaz Gill car was arrested on Friday, and police described the entire incident as an accident, noting that he did not intend to harm the victim or cause him to harm purposefully.

The police indicated that the vehicle involved in the accident belonged to Tahir Nazir, who is a resident of Muridke, but that he had rented it out to a man named Wajahat Ali, according to information shared by the police about the vehicle.

According to the vehicle’s owner, Wajahat Ali was traveling with his family when he was involved in an accident. The suspect was apprehended, and the vehicle was taken into custody by authorities.

Wajahat Ali said that he made a brief stop at the scene of the event but then fled out of fear when he saw Shahbaz Gill get out of his vehicle.

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Following statements from the suspects, the police decided that the facts and investigation indicate that the accident occurred as a result of the negligence of Wajahat Ali. They went on to say that it was not a planned attempt to hit Shahbaz Gill, but rather an accident.

It was announced that “we are handing over the suspect to the Hafizabad police for further investigation.”

Meanwhile, at the request of Jabir Ali, a resident of Lahore, the police have also launched an FIR against the perpetrators of the event at the Kaleke Mandi police station in Hafizabad.

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