Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Court granted two-day physical remand to Rashid Shafique nephew of Sheikh Rashid

The arrest of Sheikh Rashid Shafique, the nephew of former federal minister Sheikh Rasheed, for his suspected involvement in the Madinah incident has been postponed for another two days. He was taken into custody yesterday and held in police custody for another two days.

When Sheikh Rashid Shafique was brought in front of the duty court, the police requested that he be held in custody for seven days in order to investigate his alleged role in the terrible incident.

Despite this, the judge authorized his two-day physical remand and ordered police to bring him before the court on Eid Day, the second day of the holiday.

Sheikh Rashid Shafique was taken into custody by police yesterday after a local court granted him one-day detention.

A previous appearance of Rashid Shafique, nephew of former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed, in the court of duty judge Mushtaq Janjua in Attock had been ordered by the police.

On Sunday, Rashid Shafique was apprehended at Islamabad International Airport by a squad from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

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Shafique was detained at the Islamabad International Airport as soon as he returned from his Umrah pilgrimage. He was nominated as a witness in a case brought against PTI leaders in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Workers from the PTI staged a rally outside the local courthouse to express their displeasure with the detention.

Sheikh Rasheed, in a statement, stated that he is with Imran Khan, Fawad Chaudhry, and others, who had been charged in the case in which his nephew has been detained by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

According to him, the government is resorted to vengeance and is planning to detain a large number of PTI officials ahead of Imran Khan’s long march towards Islamabad at the end of May.

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