Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Spotify expanded the Blend family with new features to connect through music

A new Spotify tool called Blend brings together Spotify’s personalisation and collaborative playlist features into a single shared playlist. It is making it simple to get into a personalised communal listening session. Listening to all of your favourite songs at the same time is the best way to get in the mood.

Incredibly, Blend has only gotten better and better. Spotify has added two new features to its Blend family starting today. It will let users to connect with their friends, family and even artists through the music they listen to.

Using Blend is an easy and quick way to connect with people. It is making shared listening experiences nearly as easy as pushing play. After a few days of testing, Spotify has announced that users may now Blend with many friends and family members at once.

This is a great opportunity for you and your favourite musicians to create a personalised playlist specifically for you. Sharecards with your taste match scores will sent to your followers. You may compare your listening habits with the artist’s and post the results immediately to social media platforms.

Streaming music service Spotify has a goal of bringing people and music together via Blend. Blend connects individuals based on their music choices. It allows them to re-connect and promote new moments of sharing and discovery.

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