Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Rob Kardashian tells why he ignored Black Chyna’s toxicity for months

Rob Kardashian confesses his love for Black Chyna was toxic. Rob testified in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday that he was at his lowest point because of Chyna, whom he met right out of college.

Dream, Rob and Chyna’s five-year-old kid,

“I was definitely at my weakest, lowest time in my life. She was the only one who saw me at my worst. So I tolerated her rudeness to my family “stated he “I was weak. That wasn’t on my mind. My mind was just elsewhere.”

But he still cared for her because they were the parents of a child they had together. “My child was not born for the purpose of retribution.”

“We wouldn’t be married if it was actual love. I couldn’t marry someone like that. It was a toxic connection that neither I nor my father would want my daughter to see. Toxic from day one, “he said.

Earlier, Chyna threatened Rob’s younger sister Kylie Jenner with a vicious message. The mother-of-two testified in court.

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