Friday, December 9, 2022

Prince Harry’s ex-lover encouraged Duke to see a therapist

Prince Harry should seek professional counseling to reconcile with his father Prince Charles and older brother Prince William.

Harry, who spent his life’venting’ and resisting William, was asked to therapy by his ex-girlfriend.

The royal author Tina Brown claims Harry has always been jealous of William and admitted it to his ex-girlfriend Cressida Bones ten years ago.

She said he was enraged because William “hogged the best briefs”.

In addition to worrying over William, Harry groused about the Prince of Wales. The article claimed a royal friend called Harry “a very furious man.”

“William recognized he had to respect his father’s ownership of the environmental platform, but he was less ready to do so.”

“Professional differences” worsened the brothers’ feud, Mrs Brown said.

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