Friday, February 3, 2023

Neetu Singh and Vidya Balan are fans of my acting, says Saba Qamar

A well known actress Saba Qamar claims that many of Bollywood’s famous actresses are also fans of her acting. She stated this in an interview and her video clip has gone popular on social media.

The actress admitted that when she agreed to be in the Indian film ‘Hindi Medium’, she thought it would be the worst production of her career. She had to compete against well known late actor Irfan Khan.

She said, “When I worked on the Indian film ‘Hindi Medium’, I had a rousing reception. Actors Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh both expressed their admiration for my work. Neto Singh has seen every single one of my performances.”

Moreover, Saba Qamar went on to say that Amrita Singh and Vidya Balan have also expressed their appreciation for her acting. Actress Vidya Balan had contacted me exclusively from India and expressed her appreciation for my job.

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