Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Viola Davis replies to criticism of her role in ‘The First Lady’

Viola Davis recently retaliated against the bad criticism she received for her role in The First Lady.

Viewers who watched the show’s premiere on April 17 slammed Davis last week for the role.

Some criticized her for her “exaggerated facial expressions” while others criticized her for her “duck face” lip pursing.

The Oscar winner described the negative feedback as “very upsetting” in an interview with BBC Today.

Given that acting is a “occupational hazard,” Davis believes there can never be an award-worthy performance.

In her words, “They constantly feel like they’re telling you something new.” You’re surrounded by people who lie to you, and I’ll be the one that leans in and tells you the truth. So they can be terrible to you.”

Her role as a leader, she emphasized, is to make bold choices.

A prominent person like Obama is tough to portray because you are either doing too much or not enough.

“People are aware of their movements, their speech patterns, and the way they hold their pearls,” she explained. Critics, she said, “serve no purpose”.

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