Saturday, January 28, 2023

Marriage of a minor falls into the category of kidnapping, says Mansha Pasha

A well-known actress in Pakistan’s cinema and television industry Mansha Pasha has spoken out against the minor marriage. She specifically talked about the current Dua Zehra case.

According to a tweet from the actress, a minor marrying someone of his own free will is wrong. Mansha Pasha said that minor marriage is a kidnapping, a seduction and a complete rape situation.

However, it should mentioned that Dua Zehra went missing from Karachi. She stated in her video that she is really content in her home with her husband. Please don’t annoy me with your presence.

Furthermore, Dua said that she chose to marry Zaheer Ahmed and that she did it of her own free will. Her family members had previously beaten her and that they intended to push her into a marriage with someone else. Which she has refused to do.

Meanwhile, Dua Zehra has brought before the Lahore’s Model Town Court yesterday. Whereas, she has interrogated and recorded her statement, which has conducted under strict security. The judge sent her husband outside the court before recording her statement. In the decision, the court stated that Dua Zehra is free to go anywhere she wishes.

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