Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Actress Ayesha Omar shared about her forever crush on social media

A well known Pakistani actress, model, singer and television personality Ayesha Omar opened up about her forever crush on social media. She posted a story to reveal it on her Instagram.

In an Instagram post published by the actress, she talked about her Indian idol, who she describes as her crush. Ayesha Omar has a thing for Indian actor Arjun Rampal, who happens to be her forever crush.

The actress posted a photo provided by Arjun Rampal on her Instagram account. Whereas, she included the word ‘Forever Crush’ in the comment.

It should remember that Ayesha Omar has not tied the knot yet. The actress previously stated in an interview on marriage that she will marry “when Allah wills”.

Moreover, during a separate interview, Ayesha Omar stated that if a person’s marriage has failed, he or she has the option of getting married again.

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