Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Meta Platforms will open its first physical store for VR headsets and other gadgets

Meta Platforms Inc. is aiming to bring its metaverse into the mainstream with first physical store. They plans to build store to test and sell virtual reality headgear.

‘Quest 2 VR headset’ and ‘Porta” video calling gadget samples, as well as the smart glasses Meta makes with Ray-Ban, will be available at the Meta Store. Meta Platforms physical store will open on May 9 at the company’s Burlingame site in California.

Except for the Ray-Ban sunglasses, all of the devices will be available for purchase at the store. According to the website, customers may now purchase the items via’s new shopping area.

A virtual environment where people may communicate, work and play is developing by Meta. It is adding new capabilities to hardware devices that serve as portals to the metaverse.

Virtual reality platform Horizon Worlds has created by Meta late last year. It will begin testing capabilities for selling digital goods and experiences earlier this month.

Meta also announced that it will charge producers of digital experiences and assets a 47.5% fee. It is a decision that has sparked outrage among some app developers.

Analysts believe the introduction of a new version of the Quest 2 VR headset in the second quarter will be essential to the company’s metaverse aspirations. These are closely monitoring by customers and analysts alike.

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