Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Actress Zubab Rana faces criticism on social media for her controversial statement

In response to her controversial statement, actress Zubab Rana has come under criticism on social media platforms. She has well known celebrity of the Pakistani showbiz industry.

An audience member inquired about the fashion sense of Pakistani actress during one of the segments. Whereas, she said, “This is a difficult question for me.”

She further stated, “My answer may appear a little improper because I do not believe any Pakistani actress is fashionable. However, I do appreciate Sonia Hussain’s style a little bit.”

“Why do such things usually come from persons that no one knows,” one user wondered. An anonymous user stated that “such remarks are always made by persons who have a sense of inferiority or superiority. They fall into a different group since they always appear to enjoy themselves.”

On the other hand, many other people condemned controversial statement of actress Zubab Rana. They also commended the looks of numerous well-known actresses from Pakistan’s showbiz industry. It includes Ayeza Khan, Saba Qamar, Maya Ali and Ayesha Umar, among others.

Furthermore, Zubab Rana has received a great deal of negative feedback on social media as a result of her comments.

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