Monday, October 3, 2022

Once Holywood actor Zac Efron dropped a condom on the red carpet

Zac Efron is one of Hollywood’s most popular stars. Feminists all around the world obsess over the actor’s social media photographs. They make him a trending topic on Twitter nearly every day. Once Zac Efron accidentally dropped a condom on the red carpet.

In terms of social media, Zac Efron has over 52 million Instagram followers. This week, we’re bringing you a hilarious but genuine red carpet event that was the buzz of the town back in the day.

‘The Lorax’ premiered in 2012, and Zac Efron played Ted in the film. In addition to Danny DeVito, Taylor Swift and Ed Helms, the film included an ensemble cast of voice actors.

Zac Efron apparently dropped a condom from his pocket as he walked the red carpet for the film. This went viral on the internet. His reaction after he dropped the condom was priceless. He has rumoured to have dating ‘Emily in Paris’ star Lily Collins back in the day.

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