Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Actress Shehnaaz Gill addressed her relationship with Salman Khan

Famous Bollywood actress Shehnaaz Kaur Gill has spoken out about her relationship with Salman Khan. She rose to prominence as a result of India’s famous reality programme Bigg Boss Season 13.

Shehnaaz Gill recently stated in an interview that people believe that I have a close relationship with Salman Khan. She made it known that she has never seen him in person. She find it difficult to communicate with him because she is self-conscious in front of him. The actress do not even have his cell phone number.

According to the actress, “My praise for Salman Khan will never leave my tongue for him. I usually refer to him as Sir. Khan understands exactly what to do and say at any given time. He exudes a great deal of self-assurance. He is quite competent in any circumstance.”

It should mention that Shehnaaz Gill has consistently the most popular cast member throughout the history of Bigg Boss. There was a rumour going around about him that she and Salman Khan had become extremely good friends.

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