Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Extremist Hindus are demanding boycott of actress Kareena Kapoor

Hindu extremist in India have taken Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor by surprise and they are calling for a boycott of her films and performances. According to sources, she has said to have appeared in a recent campaign for jewellery. Whereas, the actress may seen without a ‘Bindi’ at her forehead.

Hindu fanatics have enraged by the incident. They said that not banning Kareena Kapoor was part of a plan to undermine Hindu rituals and traditions. Hindu radicals have also called for a boycott of upcoming film of Kareena Kapoor.

Prior to this, a photographer was hurt in an accident with Kareena Kapoor’s automobile. It has captured on camera and became widely circulated also on social media platforms. Moreover, she can heard yelling at her driver, seemingly out of frustration.

Angry Kareena Kapoor directed her finger at the driver and said, “Take care guy, go back man”. Whereas, her car’s tyre collided with the photographer’s foot.

The event occurred when Kareena Kapoor came at her apartment to pay a visit to Malaika Arora. She had wounded in a vehicle accident. When Malaika Arora arrived at her residence, a big number of photographers gathered in front of her home.

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