Friday, February 3, 2023

Meghan Markle wished for Diana-like fame

An author claims Meghan Markle aspired to emulate Diana’s stardom after marrying Prince Harry.

Tina Brown writes in The Palace Papers: “Star power — wattage — equals leverage in the entertainment sector… Sadly, she seemed unaware of the one factor that would determine the fate of her future plans: primogeniture.”

Meghan had no idea that her fame and popularity will never eclipse the Cambridges, the heirs apparent. The Duchess of Sussex comes after Camilla and Kate.

Prince Harry is now sixth in line after Prince William had three children.

“Meghan would have to curtsy to Kate as Queen,” says Mr Brown.

Meghan underestimated her family role when she married Harry, says the author. ‘Ignorant’ of her position, she tried to outdo other royals.

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