Saturday, January 28, 2023

I saw Sahiba praying to Allah for daughter, says Javeria Saud

A well-known actress and television personality Javeria Saud has shown her support for her long time friend Sahiba Afzal. She took to Instagram to post a photo of herself with a freind and to answer to her detractors.

Javeria Saud stated, “I know her like a sister and Sahiba has a pure heart and is a sensitive individual. I had witnessed her praying to Allah for her daughters followed by expressions of gratitude and patience as she awaited Allah’s blessings.”

She further said, “Nothing more than a mistake in the choice of words. It has understandable given the human tendency to make mistakes. God knows what is in the heart and no one has the authority to pass judgement on another.”

It should emphasised that Sahiba had on a private television programme with her family just a few days prior. Whereas, she expressed gratitude to Allah for not being given a daughter. She has terrified of what may happen to her kids.

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