Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Pakistan has secured six LNG spot cargoes

Pakistan LNG Limited (PLL) decided on Thursday to buy six cargoes – four in May and two in June – to increase RLNG-based power generation.

With a base cost of $24.1500-31.778/MMBTU, the organization received 12 offers for six spot LNG cargoes in May and June.

At 13.37 percent and 10.2 percent of Brent, respectively, specialists chose to buy all cargoes intended to run RLNG-based power plants rather than heating oil and diesel-based ones.

β€œRLNG-based power plants will desire to provide power at lower rates than heater oil or diesel-controlled units,” a senior Petroleum Division official told The News.

β€œThis will help reduce regular power duty, benefiting a wide range of force consumers across the country.”

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