Saturday, May 21, 2022

Amber Heard shared photos of Johnny Depp ‘passed out’ on his couch

Amber Heard and her defense team have photos of Johnny Depp ‘passing out’ on a couch.

The image shows Depp snuggled up on a black couch, eating melted ice cream.

According to the photographs, the coffee table next to him contains narcotics and other intoxicating substances.

When the image was displayed in court, Depp joked, “I wasn’t partaking in the festival of ice cream.”

“That was a beautiful shot for her to capture, she snapped it,” he said, via TMZ. ‘Passed out’ is an unusual term. “I slept.”

It was taken after a 17-hour workday and the actor admits to taking prescription narcotics to sleep better.

The evidence reportedly included a photo of Depp’s suspected marijuana stash and a photo of Heard’s bruises.

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