Saturday, January 28, 2023

PTI Lahore Jalsa: Imran Khan says will neither accept slavery nor imported govt

Imran Khan has stated in Lahore Jalsa that his party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), will neither accept slavery nor an imported regime in the country.

When speaking to a large crowd at PTI Jalsa in Lahore Minar-e-Pakistan today, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that he will reveal his plan during the public gathering today.

Imran Khan claimed that the rulers of Pakistan are chosen by foreign governments who are willing to sell their consciences in exchange for money. He went on to say that the people are now aware of a selected administration that has been imposed by external powers.

No matter how much it costs, I will never accept this foreign government, its chosen rulers, or the gang of criminals.”

“I was attempting to establish Pakistan’s foreign policy as an independent entity. It is essential that we make judgments in the interests of Pakistanis rather than to placate someone else in the world. The rulers had submitted after receiving a telephone call in the past, and threats had been made in the past.”

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The subject of blasphemy and Islamophobia has been raised in every venue accessible to me. They, on the other hand, did not appreciate my decision to speak up on this matter.”

“I have never taken dictation from anyone, and I have no plans to do so in the near future.”

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