Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Actress Kubra Khan defines her relationship with Gohar Rasheed

Pakistani actress Kubra Khan has responded to claims spreading on social media about her and fellow actor Gohar Rasheed. Khan is a prominent and well talented actress in Pakistan Showbiz Industry.

In a recent web presentation, Kubra Khan answered a variety of questions from fans who had submitted them via social media. Meanwhile, she has approached by a fan who requested that she “please do not marry Gohar Rasheed.”

The actress first responded in a ludicrous manner but subsequently clarified. She said, “I want to make it obvious that Gohar Rasheed is a very dear friend of me. The reality of all of these statements and rumours is not in doubt. It is the inverse of that.”

Moreover, Kubra Khan went on to say that “Gohar Rasheed is truly his closest buddy.”

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