Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Female fan surprised everyone by her unique way to get autograph of Imran Ashraf

It is common for people to make every effort to obtain signatures from their favourite superstars. In contrast, a female fan from Karachi came up with a unique method of obtaining autograph from her favourite celebrity Imran Ashraf. It took everyone by complete surprise.

A well-known actor Imran Ashraf has seen delivering autograph to a woman fan in a basket. His video of giving signatures has gone popular on social networking sites.

It showed the actor holding a basket under a building and asking a woman to spell her name. He then signing his autograph in the basket which has clearly seen on the video.

Interestingly, the woman did not use a rope to lower the basket from the building. She used her ‘Dupattas’ that has connected to the basket.

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