Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Former Indian actress Sana Khan performed Umrah with her husband Mufti Anas

Former Bollywood actress Sana Khan has performed Umrah along with her husband Mufti Anas Sayied. She quitted the film industry to devote her life to Islam and now receives the blessings.

A photograph of Sana Khan and her husband has posted on the social networking picture and video sharing app Instagram. The couple can seen standing in front of the Kaaba at Masjid-ul Haram has surfaced in the media.

The former actress Sana Khan said in the caption, “Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s assistance, we have performed Umrah pilgrimage. May Allah accept our performance of Umrah and the offering of worship on our behalf. May Allah open the door for those who have not yet arrived at this place of worship.”

Before travelling for Umrah, Sana Khan said on social media that she was heading to the nicest destination on the planet. She also said that she can not wait to see the Prophet Muhammad. On the other side, Indian model Gohar Khan also travelled to Mecca with her spouse to perform Umrah.

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