Saturday, January 28, 2023

Actress Maya Ali unveiled the fact of her marriage to Osman Khalid

Pakistani actress Maya Ali opened out about her marriage to Osman Khalid Butt for the first time. She is his fellow actress and best friend. Fans of Pakistani dramas such as “Aun Zara” and “Diyar-e-Dil” adore prominent on-screen pair of Maya and Osman.

Maya Ali and Osman Khalid has invited to private TV’s show recently. Whereas, Maya Ali revealed the contents of the rumours.

She said, “Once i was in Islamabad for another shoot. My mother’s phone rang and she stated in a raspy voice that you married Osman? Were you able to do it without telling me??”

“Actually, there was a billboard for the show ‘Aun Zara’ in which I played the bride and Osman played the groom. It has created in advance of the video’s filming. Everyone thought that this actress has married. In response to mother’s claim that I said that I had only recently learned about them,” she explained.

That’s when Maya contacted her mother and requested her to email her the image you’re referring to. When she viewed it, she realised it was Osman Khalid in the picture.

Furthermore, there were reports about marriage of Maya Ali and Osman Khalid as well as they have two children. During an awards event, Osman and Maya have approached by an aunt who congratulated them. When she posed this inquiry, they were unsure of what was going on.

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