Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Video of Anil Kapoor making fun with Farah Khan during show went viral

Film director Farah Khan has silenced by senior Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor. A viral video featuring Indian actors Anil, Shilpa and Farah is now trending on social media.

Farah Khan makes a joke about Anil Kapoor in the video to which Anil Kapoor answers. Similarly, Shilpa is sitting next to Farah Khan feels compelled to grin as well.

Several times in the viral video, Farah Khan states that Shilpa has blown the whistle on Raj Kundra. He has spread punk and that he has agreed to marry her. Shilpa is deafeningly quiet but Anil Kapoor instantly declares that money has dispersed.

Shilpa Shetty claims that he has also opened his arms wide. Whereas, Anil Kapoor explains that he was holding money in his arms.

In response to Farah’s revelation that Papa ji did not even have money, Anil Kapoor explains Sunita got married because Sunita was wealthy. The video of an actor is becoming increasingly popular on social media.

Moreover, a Pakistani actress Mishi Khan could not keep her mouth shut when it came to commenting on the video. She has described Anil Kapoor as clever guy.

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