Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Everyone amazed to see unique love for Sunny Leone by her fan

Fan of Bollywood actress Sunny Leone amazed everyone by providing a 10 percent discount at his chicken shop. However, only fans of the star are eligible to take advantage of this offer.

According to media sources, Prasad, the proprietor of a chicken store in Mandia, Karnataka turned out to be a huge admirer of Sunny Leone. In order to exhibit his devotion to the actress, he offered Sunny Leone discount of 10 percent on his products. Fan of Sunny Leone will receive a discount of up to 10% off the purchase price of chicken.

According to Prasad, when purchasing chicken, fans will require to present proof that they follow Sunny Leone on Instagram or Facebook. It will also observe whether they like and comment on the photographs of Sunny Leone on social media. If they do not like and remark on the pictures of Sunny Leone, no one will get the offer.

In addition, Prasad amazed by saying that he is a huge fan of the Sunny Leone. She assists the poor and orphans and that he like her charity. Therefore, with this in mind, he chose to sell meat to people at a reasonable price.

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