Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Bilquis Edhi was the mean to reach my son Naad-E-Ali, says Hadiqa Kiani

Famous singer and actress Hadiqa Kiani has paid respect to social activist Bilquis Edhi, who passed away recently. Hadiqa Kiani posted on Instagram to expressed her gratitude to Bilquis Edhi for giving her son ‘Naad-E-Ali’. She stated that she is eternally thankful to her for her generosity.

She wrote, “Bilquis Edhi carried the weight of the world on her shoulders and rose up to make the world a better place. Allah Almighty created her to be a vehicle for meeting the needs of the people. I think that Allah Almighty granted me the means to contact my son Naad-E-Ali.”

The actress further stated that a magnificent woman like Bilquis Edhi trusted me to be a mother. I will be eternally thankful to Mrs. Edhi for her compassion. She went on to say that she prayed for Balquis Edhi’s promotion to the highest positions in Paradise.

Moreover, Hadiqa Kiani had adopted a son from the victims of the 2005 earthquake, whom she called ‘Naad-E-Ali.

A well-known Pakistani charity ‘The Edhi Foundation’ lost its co-founder, Bilquis Edhi. She was of 74 at the time of her death in a private hospital in Karachi. She was receiving treatment for a month.

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