Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Emirates launched powerful platform ‘Dubai Experience’ for customers to book UAE Itineraries

Emirates ‘Dubai Experience‘ consumers can now simply explore, design and book their own personalised itineraries. It includes everything from flights and hotels to attractions and eating and leisure activities around the UAE and Dubai.

Travelers with special interests in sports, culture, adventure and the arts can select from pre-designed itineraries for their first visit. Also, they may have a good time coming up with their own unique itineraries from scratch. They choose from a variety of suggested activities and restaurants, or mixing and matching from pre-curated itineraries.

The easy-to-use itinerary planner gives information such as anticipated duration, location map and cost to help consumers to securely plan and maximise their Dubai and UAE vacation. It is one of the many popular free attractions around the UAE.

Emirates’ goal with the Dubai Experience platform is to enhance the travel experiences of clients. It is also to encourage more people to come to the UAE, our beautiful home and hub. They wil keep adding new material to Dubai Experience and look into launching it in more markets.

Over 100 hotels and 200 activities are available to Emirates clients in 19 countries including Pakistan. It may design bespoke itineraries based on their flight bookings or create new ones.

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