Wednesday, February 1, 2023

MG Motors confirmed to begin commercial scale local assembly soon

Due to a combination of factors, MG has drawn the greatest interest and attention out of all the new automakers in Pakistan. It’s one of the reasons why MG Motors will soon begin local assembly in the country.

Fortunately, MG Motors has announced that commercial local assembly would commence soon. One of the company’s top officials sought anonymity recently. He told that they want to start making their automobiles in Pakistan by late 2022.

This initiative has so far seen an investment from MG of over $100 million. There is a total of $86 million that has already earmarked for this project. Whereas, the remaining $14 million is being spent on its completion. To begin assembly as soon as possible, a firm representative claimed that they are working closely along with the EDB.

According to the official, after they go on sale, the buyers will not be able to detect a difference in quality between the local version and the Completely Built-Up (CBU) version. MG has already manufactured and tested many MG HS units at their local assembly plant.

CBU cars have sold by MG in Pakistan thus far. The recent rise in tax rates, freight expenses and the depreciation of the local currency prompted the carmaker to raise the price.

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