Tuesday, October 4, 2022

More than 4 Million Vehicles are still awaiting number plates in Sindh Province

The Sindh ombudsman has notified that over 4 million number plates of vehicles and motorbikes are waiting in province. It has reported in recent story in media newspaper.

Officials from Sindh Excise Department told the ombudsman that 4.364 million motorbike number plates were still outstanding. They indicated there is a backlog of 308,963 4-wheeler number plates (commercial and non-commercial). The same excise employee told the ombudsman that Sindh had 1.34 million motorbikes and 297,000 vehicles without official number plates.

The ombudsman had requested that the excise department officials come up with district-by-district details and their strategies to eliminate the enormous backlog. Because of a lack of resources, the excise department notified the ombudsman that it can only handle 53,000 4-wheeler registrations each year, and 207,000 for 2-wheelers. The finance department has not released funds for the deployment of number plates.

Excessive funding has discussed at a recent cabinet meeting. It has determined that Rs 1.17 billion will allocate so that the backlog can clear. The department stated that the case was still pending with the finance department. The manufacturing of number plates will begin as soon as money will receive. In Sindh, the majority of motorcycle and automobile owners have been waiting since 2016 for number plates.

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