Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Pakistan reference in US and India joint statement is baseless: FO

The Foreign Office (FO) said “gratuitous reference” Pakistan to some “non-existent and dismantled entities” in the joint statement issued following the US-India 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue was “alluding to some non-existent and dismantled entities” and that the “misplaced counter-terrorism focus” of the United States and India.

The joint statement was released following the end of the negotiations in Washington.

“Pakistan vehemently condemns the unjustifiable reference in the Statement issued following the 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue between the US and India on April 11, 2022. In the statement, there is a needless reference to some non-existent and defunct entities, which indicates that both nations’ counter-terrorism priorities have been misplaced, according to an official from the FO.

This, according to the spokesperson, is regrettable because “a bilateral cooperation mechanism” is being “used to target a third country for political expediency and to divert public attention away from real and rising terrorism concerns.”

A spokesperson for the Foreign Office stated, “The allegations made against Pakistan in the statement are vicious and devoid of any credibility.”

India and the United States were reminded by a spokesperson that Islamabad has “remain[ed] a key and proactive partner of the international community in the worldwide war against terrorism for the last two decades.”

It is widely acknowledged by the world community, including the United States, that Pakistan’s counter-terrorist achievements and sacrifices are unrivaled. “No other country in the area has made greater sacrifices for peace than Pakistan,” the official stated.

“India’s insinuations” against Islamabad, the FO continued, were a “desperate attempt” to conceal state-sponsored terrorism and atrocities in Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK) by the Indian government.

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Members of the international community who care about human rights must condemn India’s use of terrorism as a tool of state policy and the impunity that has accompanied it for decades. Indian terrorism networks operating on foreign land and providing support to United Nations-designated terrorist organizations have been documented in the past. “Failure to recognize the gravity of the issue is tantamount to abdication of international responsibility,” the official explained.

Pakistan has stated that it expects and has asked “partner countries to take an objective perspective of the concerns of peace and security in South Asia,” according to the statement. It also urged the partner countries to refrain from “associating themselves with stances that are one-sided, politically motivated, and disconnected from ground realities,” as stated in the statement.

A representative for the Indian government said, “Our concerns over the unjustified reference to Pakistan in the US-India Statement have been addressed to the US side through diplomatic channels.”

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